Wednesday, April 11, 2012

lots of things happening

Time to catch up on what has been happening at our home. We are well into spring and waiting anxiously for the weather to be warm once again for gardening and playing outdoor sports. Here are some things we have been doing over the winter:

Logan and his classmates participated in the talent show at the school- they performed a medley of songs and poems- it was very cute.
We took a trip to Warrens, WI for some water fun at their indoor water park- they have a great facility there and wonderful accommodations. We will definitely go back this summer to take advantage of the outdoor part of the waterpark
Chesney participated in the Science Fair at school- her project was "how much water a sponge can absorb" very interesting
Sydney refused to Share her chocolate bunny

Look at those faces!
The kids had a blast at a square dance that was held at the school
Chesney and her friend, Madison
Logan and his friend, Anika
So Precious
Syd started to eat solids and loves everything we have given to her. Might we have a non-picky eater on our hands?
For presidents day- Logan thought Syd would look good as a George Washington look-alike.
Greetings Mr. President
Sydney cut her first two teeth

We saw what Sydney would look like with hair
Look at that smile
We had heart shaped pizza for valentines day
Chesney played basketball during halftime of the girls varsity game
Logan learned a new trick
Logan lost tooth #2
Sydney graduated to the big tub
we decorated easter eggs

We are thrilled summer is just around the corner- the kids learned to ride their bikes and with the trail at the end of our street we will take advantage and get out for bike rides often.

Now you know what has been going on in our neck of the woods.

Thursday, January 26, 2012

New Cousin arrives

"I am no longer the youngest- time to grow up!"
Welcome baby cousin Jacob- I love you already

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My Precious

So much cuteness....I can't stand it!!!

One of the days her daddy dressed her....Can you tell?

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Tooth #2 gone

#2 Gone

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Winter Get Together with the Tribe

We don't get together nearly enough- but we do have fun when we do. We, the Lindells, got together for our winter celebration mid January. We have grown out of any home known to man and are now renting a venue to be in. We had a great turnout and lots of laughs.

Thanks Grandma Adeline for making us the family we are!!

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Skiing and New Years

Logan tried skiing for the first time this year and loved it- Too bad the amount of snow this year has been dismal for keeping up the sport

All the grandkids in order of height but not necessarily by age

New years fun with the cousins. Everyone made it to midnight...except Sydney

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Jahnke Family Christmas

we spent Christmas Day at Duey's Dad's home.
the kids had a great time playing the Wii and dancing dancing dancing

The grandkids with Grandpa

The girls and grandpa making bracelets

A couple of days after Christmas the Texas Jahnkes arrived for a visit. We had everybody over and was able to get a picture of all of us together.

And the silly us

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